Fabio Martin's skateboarding background permeates his work, offering a unique lens through which he perceives and portrays the world. What captivates Fabio is the raw authenticity of life, reflected in the people and moments he captures. In a world characterized by constant change, Fabio finds tranquility in carefully selecting his subjects and discerning their essence before pressing the shutter. He prioritizes simplicity, focusing on what truly matters and determining the subject's essence first and foremost. Fabio's preference for film photography adds another layer to his work, as he embraces imperfections and captures moments as they naturally unfold, without the need for artificial perfection. It is about accepting the beauty or lack of it that life has given us, without pretending or changing anything. – by Tasty Pictures

Brands i already worked with: Dickies Europe, El Tony, Raiffeisen, UBS, Nivea, Focus Water, Sinalco, Pro Naturstein, UBS, Luca Ferreira, Pleasure Magazine, Red Bull, PKZ, Skate.ch, Spider Fever, OZ Wheels, Shorley, Zeughaus Garage, Shopping Arena, Spar, Gng, Cybex, Kennys, Gamma Möbel Wil